Assessment: Rules (NOCN)

NOCN Reading Assessment

Rules to ensure we have a fair test

  • No dictionaries
  • No books or notes apart from your reader
  • No mobile phones
  • No communication with other candidates’*
  • No looking at other candidates’ work
  • No extra time
  • Don’t call out any answers
  • Don’t get out of your seat without your teacher’s permission

* gestures, eye contact, social interaction, three strikes

Administration of test

Go through the rules together making sure everyone understands everything. Specify which tasks are to be completed in this session and check understanding.

Show timings on the board

Distribute papers. Students don’t open their booklet. Ss write their name and date on the paper. On signal Ss open their boods and start. T alerts Ss at appropriate intervals of time remaining. When time’s up all Ss close their booklets.

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