Levels: Emerging? Consolidating? Established?

Not everybody in your class has exactly the same level of English. Some of you might be strong in writing, others may be strong in speaking. Some of you might be just beginning to achieve the language skills expected at this level, others may be getting close the next level.

Therefore each student at your level is classified as emerging, consolidating, or established in his or her language skills. Sometimes these terms will be used to describe a specific skill like pronunciation, or a general skill like reading. Normally, most people in your class are consolidating the skills expected at this level, with just a few emerging or established learners.

To teach is to learn twice! (Joseph Joubert d.1824)

Learning is most effective when emerging, consolidating, and established students work together. This means that emerging learners have a right to receive support from more able learners. (This does not mean passively copying classmates’ work!) It also means that more able learners will benefit from teaching less able learners – nothing reinforces and increases a skill more than having to teach it!

emerging (eM)


established (E)


weak for this level

average for this level

strong for this level

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