Is your folder organised?

If you can find handouts from previous sessions throughout the year very quickly, then your folder is probably organised. Well done.

If you struggle to find handouts from previous sessions, and it takes you a long time, you should re-organise your folder. This is very important when an observer comes to assess your teacher – he or she will expect to be able to look through your folder and make sense of it. Your teacher will be penalised if your papers and notes are in a mess. A hole punch or clear plastic pockets will help you. Be careful if you decide to put more than one sheet into a plastic pocket. It might be difficult to find what you want in future.

Here is one way to organise your folder. This way divides your materials into five sections. Use dividers.

  • Headway Student’s Book handouts (the big sheets) together and in order.
  • Headway Workbook handouts (the A4 sheets from Headway) together and in order
  • Spelling tests together and in chronological order.
  • All other handouts together and in chronological order.
  • Your own lesson notes together and in order.
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