E1 Assessment criteria – NOCN Writing


Whoever marks your exams will be looking for these features.

1. Write to record or present information.

1.1 Compose very simple texts and statements to communicate basic ideas and information. Choose relevant information and use appropriate basic layout.

You may need to write:

  • Short, simple narratives
  • Lists
  • Addresses on envelopes
  • Simple requests for personal details
  • Simple messages
  • Messages on greeting cards

1.2 Write simple statements and questions for different functions. Word order and verb form should be mostly correct.

If needed, you should be able to:

  • make negative statements and positive statements
  • ask questions
  • give instructions or commands

Your sentences should include:

  • contractions, e.g. Don’t you know where we live?

Your sentences may need to show these common word order patterns:

  • subject – verb – object, e.g. I like cats.
  • subject – verb – adverb, e.g. He works hard.
  • subject – verb – adjective, e.g. They’re Hungarian.
  • subject – verb – prepositional phrase, e.g. Jane’s leaving at 4 o’clock.
  • there is/are + noun, e.g.There will be a bouncy castle at the party.

If you write questions, you will need to know the difference between:

  • WH questions and YES/NO questions

2. Use punctuation.

2.1 Most of your sentences should start with a capital letter and end with a full stop (or question mark).

2.2 Always use a capital letter for the pronoun I (You and I are friends.).

3. Spell some personal key words and familiar words.

3.1 You should be able to spell correctly words that are important to you and short, frequently used words.

  • Personal key words, e.g. school, family, job, Ashburton Drive, Dames Road 
  • Frequently used words, e.g. the, in, of, come, live, work

4. Write letters of the alphabet.

4.1 You should be able to form letters of the alphabet. It should be reasonably clear what letter you mean and whether you are using upper or lower case.

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