Entry 1


Entry 2 Entry 3 Level 1
Complete beginners

No English or very little English

Beginners with some language skills

Able to talk about everyday things in a basic way

Able to read short simple texts and write simple sentences



Beginning to gain some confidence and range

Beginning to link ideas in speech and writing

Able to read basic information about familiar topics

Can express past, present, and future in a basic way

Pre-intermediate to intermediate

Enough English to communicate independently in everyday life

Can read texts on familiar topics and identify key points

Able to write a letter (for example) with paragraphs and linking of ideas

Can use basic tenses with some accuracy

Intermediate to upper-intermediate

Fluent in English and aware of relatively complex grammar.

Can read texts written for native speakers without too much difficulty

Can write a variety of paragraphed texts that require only straightforward correction in order to appear like native English

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