Cambs Cambridge ESOL

C&G City & Guilds

ESOL English for Speakers of Other Languages

EW Extended writing

EWB Extended writing book

FGLZ Forest Gate Learning Zone

HB Headway Beginner

HBSB Headway Beginner Student’s Book (and CD)

HBWB Headway Beginner Workbook

HBTB Headway Beginner Teacher’s Book

HBTRB Headway Beginner Teacher’s Resource Book

HE Headway Elementary

HESB Headway Elementary Student’s Book (and CD)

HEWB Headway Elementary  Workbook

HETB Headway Elementary Teacher’s Book

HETRB Headway Elementary Teacher’s Resource Book

HI Headway Upper Intermediate

HISB Headway Upper Intermediate Student’s Book (and CD)

HIWB Headway Upper Intermediate Workbook

HITB Headway Upper Intermediate Teacher’s Book

HITRB Headway Upper Intermediate Teacher’s Resource Book

HUI Headway Intermediate

HUISB HeadwayIntermediate Student’s Book (and CD)

HUIWB Headway Intermediate Workbook

HUITB Headway Intermediate Teacher’s Book

HUITRB Headway Intermediate Teacher’s Resource Book

HW Handwriting or Homework

NCFE Newham College of Further Education

NOCN National Open College Network

OC Open class (as in open class feedback)

S Student

Ss Students

T Teacher

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