Course rules

These rules summarise college policy. They help maintain high standards of:

Participation and inclusion  ●  Respect and courtesy  ●  Attendance and punctuality  ●  Achievement and success  ●  Co-operative learning  ●  Health and safety

Breaking these rules could result in disciplinary action.

1. Be on time and remain for the whole lesson. You must aim for 100% attendance. You are not permitted to take a holiday during the term. (Leave may be granted for an emergency.) You must be prepared to attend all your exam sessions.


2. If you’re going to miss a lesson, get a message to your teacher beforehand.


3. If you have missed a lesson, contact a classmate quickly and catch up on what you missed.


4. Bring appropriate stationery to each lesson and ensure all handouts are organised in a folder.


5. Practise using English outside lessons and complete all homework tasks. You should not be taking this course if you don’t intend to do this.


6. Help to maintain a co-operative learning environment. For example: participate in group activities; give and receive assistance from classmates.


7. Follow tutor instructions and act on feedback (or negotiate something better).


8. Take turns during discussions and conversations.


9. Phones must be ‘off’ or ‘silent’.  Avoid answering the phone in class. Notify your teacher before the lesson if you are expecting an important call. If your phone use is disruptive you may need to choose between switching your phone off or leaving the lesson.


10. Speak to your classmates in English as much as possible.


11. Demonstrate respect and tolerance for each other. You may not refuse to work with a classmate because of race, appearance, religion, or background.


 12. No one has the right to disrupt learning or teaching, or to create a negative atmosphere in the classroom.


13. Help to make this a clean, safe, effective, and pleasant learning environment.


14. Speak with your tutor about any concerns you may have. Some matters should be mentioned discretely.


Check your understanding. Match each word or phrase with a rule (or rules) that it is closely related to.

buddy_____     chewing gum_____   silent_____   PLP/ILP_____   bin_____   pencil shavings_____   German_____   equality_____         meet up_____   folder_____   time_____   listening_____        chairs under tables_____   communicate_____   /-L-A-E-O_____   phone numbers_____    don’t sit by yourself_____   authorised_____   homework_____   memorise FGLZ address_____    walk – don’t run_____      pocket book (or mobile phone memo)_____   bags/walkways_____     register_____   one at a time_____

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